Workplace accidents at California construction sites

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Workplace accidents can cause a significant amount of injuries and some of these accidents result in fatal tragedies. Back in 2012, there were 779 deaths and 269 of them were from falls. In the recent weeks, National Construction Fall Prevention week took place. Local companies helped to host events to increase understanding in operators and employees about safety hazards. Usually, these workplace accidents in California are as a result of falls from scaffolds and ladders.

The number one cause of death in the construction field is falls. In spite of this, they are avoidable with the appropriate training and safety measures. The Associated General Contractors of California (the AGC) is dedicated to improving the environment at job sites.

Multiple agencies, including the AGC, are involved in the Fall Prevention Stand-Down to try to eliminate or at least reduce the amount of fall injuries and deaths. The AGC’s objective is to provide education and training for members in the construction industry. Employers that are members take the initiative for improving safety for construction workers.

Most workplace accidents are preventable with the proper training and safety practices. Employers are required to facilitate a safe environment for their employees. Without safety procedures in place, employees are vulnerable to serious injuries and possibly even death. California workers who suffered serious injuries at the workplace may have the right to file workers’ compensation claims in a civil courtroom. Similar laws may apply to families who lost loved ones on the job and they may be awarded monetary compensation with substantiating evidence.

Source:, “AGC California Promotes Fall Prevention Safety“, , June 1, 2014

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