Workplace accidents could cause life-threatening injuries

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Construction workers are exposed to potentially life-threatening conditions each day. In addition to the threats posed by ladders, scaffolds and forklifts, mechanized equipment could cause severe injuries in workplace accidents. While construction company owners in California have a duty to provide safe working environments for their workers, they may not neglect ongoing safety training. Unfortunately, sometimes work accidents occur anyway, which is one reason employers are usually required to carry workers’ compensation insurance to help cover injured workers.

A 69-year-old worker in another state was recently critically injured in an accident while he was working on a road construction site. Not many details were provided, but it was reported that the man attempted to board a tractor on which the engine was running. The tractor had a street brush attached to it. For yet unknown reasons, the machine went into reverse as the worker got onto it. He was flung off the tractor and landed under one of the front tires.

The tractor went over the upper body of the worker after dragging him along for some distance. The injured man was rushed to a local hospital with severe injuries, and his condition was reported to be critical. Police reported that an investigation by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is underway.

California construction workers who have been involved in workplace accidents and suffered injuries while performing their duties at the work site may have to spend a considerable amount of time away from work while they are recuperating. This may be detrimental to the family’s finances, but fortunately, most workers are covered by the workers’ compensation insurance fund. Eligible workers may claim benefits from the fund to cover medical expenses, along with a percentage of lost wages.

Source: Tampa Bay Times, “St. Petersburg worker critically injured in tractor accident“, Clare Wiseman, July 22, 2014

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