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Follow these tips to help your carpal tunnel syndrome

When you're suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, the symptoms can be so severe that you're unable to perform your job duties. You could be feeling numbness in your fingers and hands, pain and other problems that prevent you from typing or using a computer. It might even feel as if there's absolutely nothing you can do to get better.

Repetitive motion injuries: What is tendinitis?

One of the most common repetitive motion injuries is known as tendinitis. This condition comes about as a result of doing the same motion over and over again on a daily basis without rest. Any worker -- even an office worker who uses a computer mouse and keyboard every day -- can contract debilitating tendinitis.

Beloved pastor loses his life in a workplace accident

A 35-year-old forklift driver died in a tragic construction site accident on a recent Monday in Lafayette, California. According to the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal/OSHA), the worker was employed by SiteOne Landscape Supply.

Tips for avoiding 7 common workplace injuries

You desperately want to avoid injury on the job. It's not just about you. You have a family to support. Money is tight enough as it is, with three kids at home, and you can't spend months missing work. You can't pay high medical bills or lose future wages when your injuries are so severe that you can't go back to your career.

What happens when a work accident reduces function in a limb?

If you work a physical job, you depend on the strength and dexterity of your hands, arms and legs to complete daily tasks. Suffering a serious work injury could leave you unable to continue to perform your job. In some cases, the reduced function of your limb will be a short-term issue. Once the bone, connective tissue or muscle has healed, you can return to work. In other cases with more severe injuries, you may never fully regain the same strength and range of motion that you once had. In these situations, you may find yourself unable to continue in the same line of work as before the accident.

Examples of common workplace accidents

Some Santa Ana jobs are clearly more dangerous than others. For example, you might be a construction worker who regularly scales great heights in unfinished buildings. You might be a machine shop laborer who is constantly in danger of getting his hands caught up in the machinery. Alternatively, you might be an accountant who operates a computer most the day and is comparatively safer, but an accountant can also get hurt on the job.

What types of workplace safety hazards lead to accidents?

What types of safety hazards can exist in the workplace? Too often, workplace accidents in California could have been prevented with a few simple steps. If you and your employer are more aware of the types of potential accidents, you can keep everyone safe from industrial accidents or an unsafe working environment.

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