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3 risks that increase the likelihood of developing carpal tunnel

If your work involves typing at a computer -- and the majority of professional jobs do these days -- you might think that you work in a safe environment. However, everyone who sits in front of a computer all day is at risk of developing a host of potential injuries -- carpal tunnel syndrome being one of them.

Simple home remedies for carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a repetitive use injury that many California office workers suffer from. In many cases, it's also preventable, curable or treatable without surgery. Sometimes, all that is required is rest and time spent away from work. Whatever the solution your doctor prescribes, you may be able to pay for it via a successfully navigated workers' compensation claim.

Examples of unsafe working conditions

California employers are always trying to get as much out of their workers as they can, while spending as little as possible at the same time. This combination can result in dangerous working conditions when an employer tries to cut corners by not spending the money required to keep their premises safe. This can result in serious injuries to workers.

Can pro sports concussions lead to traumatic encephalopathy?

We've been hearing it for a long time: Professional athletes are at risk of developing serious health consequences related to concussions. When an athlete suffers repeated -- even minor -- concussions over an extended period of time, the athlete can develop numerous health problems, including cognitive difficulties, extreme depression and suicidal tendencies.

Avoid heat stress by following federal guidelines

As the summer heat continues to get hotter in Santa Ana, it's important for California employers to take action to prevent their workers from suffering from heat stress. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration offers clear guidelines for how employers can keep their workers safe.

Falling objects are a common source of construction injuries

Construction workers face a number of serious hazards at their work. From large equipment and machinery to falls and scaffolding failures, there are a large number of ways to sustain very serious injuries. One of the most common sources of construction site injuries is actually falling objects. It is unfortunately common for machinery, supplies or building materials to come loose and fall. These objects can either strike a worker, causing traumatic damage, or destabilize a work site, leading to a serious fall or machinery issue. There are preventative steps that can reduce the risk of falling objects.

Why construction site falls happen and how to prevent them

Of the many different types of injuries that can result in death on a construction site, falls took first place in the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) survey of construction-related fatalities in 2015. In fact, in that year alone, there were some 350 construction workers that were killed as a result of falling, more than a third of 937 deaths which occurred on construction sites altogether.

Were you denied benefits for a scaffold injury?

Scaffolds are probably the most useful pieces of equipment at a California construction site. They're also the most dangerous. Considering that 65 percent of hardhat-wearing construction workers frequently use scaffolds on the job - and the fact they involve working high up in the air - it's understandable scaffold-related injuries are some of the most common at construction sites.

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