Workplace injury brings hardship for window washer, family

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The consequences of catastrophic injuries suffered by workers while they are on-the-job are usually far-reaching. In addition to the physical suffering, the financial impact can be devastating for a family who has no other form of income. California residents may recall the case of a window washer who suffered a workplace injury but survived after an 11-story fall from a building in San Francisco in November.

The window washer fell onto a car and suffered traumatic brain injury. His first week in the hospital was spent in a coma that was medically induced. Doctors expected him to take months to show some recovery, but he surprised all, and barely a month later he is now ready to go home. However, there is a long and challenging road of rehabilitation ahead as the man will have to learn to walk again.

The man’s family is reported to be struggling without his income. According to a union organizer, workers’ compensation will likely cover the man’s rehabilitation and medical costs, but in the meantime, there is no money for rent and day-to-day care of the family. He has two young daughters whose school expenses are also presenting a problem. His wife is working additional hours, and his one daughter had to leave college to assist the family.

California families who are facing similar circumstances after a loved one suffered a catastrophic workplace injury may want to retain the services of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney. The worker and his or her family may avoid delays in obtaining compensation with the assistance of a professional who is familiar with the applicable laws and procedures. The attorney will do everything possible to obtain full and fair compensation to allow the victim’s family to survive and function while he or she is unable to work.

Source:, “Window washer who fell from downtown San Francisco building set to leave hospital“, Dec. 22, 2014

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