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Riverside Workers Compensation Lawyer

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Riverside Workers Compensation Attorney

Every year, thousands of workers throughout California experience workplace injuries that lead to expensive medical bills and substantial losses from missed time at work. The California workers’ compensation system exists to offer financial relief to individuals who suffer workplace injuries, but navigating this system is often more complex and challenging than claimants initially expect. For example, suppose you or a loved one recently suffered an injury at work in Riverside, CA. In that case, you likely have many questions when it comes to your eligibility to file a workers’ compensation claim and the types of benefits you can receive. A Riverside workers’ compensation attorney is the best resource you can have in this challenging situation.

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Legal Representation for Riverside Workers’ Compensation Claims

Leviton, Diaz & Ginocchio Inc. is a team of experienced attorneys; each has more than 20 years of professional experience representing clients in workers’ compensation cases. We understand that your workplace injury has likely hindered your ability to work and support your family. You could be facing astronomical medical bills that you have no idea how to repay. Our goal is to provide the legal representation you need to obtain the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve more quickly and less stressfully.

When Am I Eligible to File a Workers’ Compensation Claim?

California state law requires all employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance, even if an employer has just one employee. Workers’ compensation insurance applies whenever an employee suffers an injury at work while performing their job duties, even if they cause the injury themselves. California’s Department of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) is the state agency responsible for handling and reviewing all workers’ compensation claims filed in the state. All employers have a legal duty to provide injured employees with the claim forms and other materials they may need to file their workers’ compensation claims.

You have the right to file a workers’ compensation claim if you suffer an injury at your workplace while traveling for work or while performing any of your job duties, even if the injury occurs outside your workplace. Some of the most commonly reported workplace injuries that can lead to workers’ compensation claims in Riverside include:

  • Vehicle accidents. If you have to drive or complete deliveries for work and are hit by another driver, you will have the right to file for workers’ compensation. Additionally, any time you suffer a workplace injury due to the actions of a party outside of your workplace, you may have grounds for a third-party claim that can help you secure compensation for damages that the California workers’ compensation system will not cover.
  • Traumatic brain injuries. Many workplaces pose head and brain injury risks, particularly inherently dangerous industries like construction and factory work. Even mild traumatic brain injuries are capable of causing severe long-term medical complications and interfere with the victim’s ability to work.
  • Broken bones. Bone fractures are possible from slip and fall accidents, vehicle crashes, equipment malfunctions, and various other causes. Some bone fractures will heal completely with rest and appropriate care, while others are more severe and cause lasting problems like reduced range of motion and nerve damage.
  • Cumulative injuries. Some workers’ compensation claims pertain to injuries that gradually manifest over time rather than the effects of acute traumatic accidents. For example, repetitive stress injuries and acquired medical conditions like cancer can qualify for workers’ compensation benefits if these conditions are acquired through the performance of workplace duties.

These are just a few examples of workplace injuries that qualify for workers’ compensation claims in Riverside, CA. While the process of filing your workers’ compensation claim may sound easy enough at first, in practice, it is more tedious and complex than most injured workers expect.

The Workers’ Compensation Claim Process

If you suffer an injury at work, you should report the incident to your supervisor immediately. This should create a record of the injury that you may need to refer to later. In addition, your employer is legally obligated to provide you with the materials needed for your claim. This includes the workers’ compensation claim form and a list of the approved physicians you can visit for your examination and disability rating. Your disability rating determines the number of benefits you qualify to receive and how long you can receive them.

If successful, your workers’ compensation claim can cover all the medical expenses you incur from your workplace injury. Additionally, the California DWC awards short-term disability benefits when an injured worker cannot return to work until they recover from their injury. Some claimants who experience severe injuries may qualify for long-term or permanent disability benefits if they are left with permanent disabilities from their workplace injuries.

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How Your Riverside Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Can Help Your Claim

If you or your loved one is struggling with the aftermath of a workplace injury, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed when you see everything you need to do to file your claim for workers’ compensation benefits. Additionally, it’s possible to encounter unexpected resistance or even retaliation from an employer concerned about rising workers’ compensation insurance premiums.

Hiring an experienced Riverside workers’compensation attorney is the best way to deal with unexpected challenges with your claim and address any potentially unlawful behavior from your employer. For example, suppose you notify your employer of a workplace injury and your intention to file for workers’ compensation, and they fire you. In that case, you will have grounds for a retaliation lawsuit against your employer.

Leviton, Diaz & Ginocchio Inc. can make your workers’ compensation claim much easier to handle and guide you through each step in the process. In addition, if you encounter any unexpected pushback from your employer or the California DWC, we can assist you in addressing these issues as well. Our goal is to help you secure the benefits you need to recover from your workplace injury as fully as possible.

You probably have many questions about your recent workplace injury and your eligibility to claim workers’ compensation benefits in Riverside. Leviton, Diaz & Ginocchio Inc. can provide the legal guidance you need in this challenging time. If you are ready to discuss your legal options after an injury at work, contact Leviton, Diaz & Ginocchio Inc. to schedule a consultation with a trustworthy and compassionate Riverside workers’ compensation attorney.

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